High End Adult Bunk Beds

adult queen over queen bunk bed

Luxury Adult Bunk Beds

Designed For Adults As Well As Kids

Welcome to Haak Designs LLC. We specialize in high end bunk beds that are designed for use by adults as well as kids. We have designed our premium bunk beds to be like no other bunk bed on the market, with the comfort of adults being our primary objective, and a safer, fun and more stable experience for kids.

Our high end bunk beds are engineered with the following features:
  • 9" high rails - twice the height of almost every other "adult" bunk bed makers head, foot and side rails. This design eliminates racking and sagging of the most important components of the bunk bed, keeping your family and guests safe and comfortable over time.
  • Rabbeted joints at the rail and post joints. This is an important detail, especially for adult bunk beds that will carry a significant amount of weight compared to kids bunk beds. This structural design element prevents racking, creaking and loosening up over time.
  • 1/2" thick by 2" long powder coated lag screws for assembly. Joints will not loosen up over time as is common with skinny through bolts with nuts and washers, or deck screws as are commonly used by competitors.
  • Double mattress support system, for expanded weight distribution, LED puck lighting integration and a cleaner look for the underside of the upper bunk.
  • Each bunk bed that we produce is set up in our shop and inspected for fit and finish, so you know your new bunk beds will be safe for your family and guests for many years.

adult queen over queen bunk bed

Luxury Adult Bunk Beds

Designed For High End Homes, Vacation Rentals, and Resort Hotels Across The Country.

adult queen over queen bunk bed

High End Vacation Rentals

Our High End Bunk Beds are designed to increase the appeal of your rental property as well as increase your revenue by providing a high end experience for your guests.

adult queen over queen bunk bed

Luxury Queen Bunk Beds

With our high end adult bunk beds, quality is featured in every detail. Each bunk bed is stained by hand, and set up and inspected for fit and finish prior to being shipped across the country.

adult queen over queen bunk bed

Custom Designs And Finishes

We can customize our high end bunk beds to meet the needs of our clients, and provide custom finish options to suit your needs.

bunk support system

Attention To Detail

Our bunk beds cost more than other adult bunk beds on the market, but the quality, safety and attention to detail that goes into each of our bunk beds will give you the peace of mind knowing that our bunk beds are engineered safe, have a timeless design and are finished to a higher level of attention to detail than our competition.

With our high end bunk beds, we offer exceptional amenities such as headboards, goose neck reading lights with USB ports, integrated LED puck lighting with a touch dimmer, twin and full trundles along with solid wood drawers on Blum tandem full extension undermount glides with soft close that are elegant as well as functional.

Homeowners who are looking to optimize space and increase sleeping accommodations look to our family bunk beds as the perfect solution for solving space issues, while increasing revenues in the vacation rental market.

And with our weight capacity of 2,400 pounds per bunk bed or 1,200 pounds per bunk level, our premium bunk beds are truly made for use by adults.

2,400 Pound Weight Capacity

commercial adult queen over queen bunkbed

Elegant Bunk Beds With Grown Up Features

Since our bunk beds were designed for use by adults, they have plenty of headroom to sit up in bed to read or watch TV, and we offer amenities such as integrated headboards and lighting that will give your guests a high end experience they won't soon forget. Oh yes, and kids love our adult bunk beds too! They actually have room to stretch out and relax, and find our bunk beds a retreat for reading, watching TV or playing games.
adult full xl over queen bunkbed

Full XL Loft over Queen Platform Bed

King | Queen | Full | Twin

We build our high end adult bunk beds in many configurations, such as Queen over Queen, Twin XL over Queen, King over King, Full XL over Full XL, Twin XL over Full XL, Twin XL over Twin XL, just to name a few.

Our premium adult bunk beds feature elegant lines with a rustic understated charm. We build all of our bunk beds using solid alder, and finish each bunk bed by hand using a 10 step finishing process to achieve the Signature look of our bunk beds. Our assembly hardware is powder coated for a durable finish and to compliment the black or silver finish of our lighting fixtures.

bunk bed gooseneck reading light

LED Bunk Bed Lighting

Premium Accessories Such As LED Lighting, With Touch Dimmers and USB Charging Ports

Each bunk bed come complete with headboards, an integrated ladder and a single row of safety rails for the top bunk. With our available accessories , you will have the opportunity to customize your bunk beds with amenities such as low voltage LED lighting, trundles and drawer storage, as well as finishes designed to compliment any decor.

trundle and drawer storage

Drawer Storage and Trundle Options

Solid Wood Drawers | Heavy Duty Trundles

We have designed our premium adult bunk beds specifically for the high end markets. Since our bunk beds are made of solid wood, all of our bunk bed configurations are rock solid. Once our bunk beds are assembled, they will not rock, creak or loosen up over time. And with our high end finishes and optional accessories, you will find our premium family bunk beds to be the perfect solution for your needs.
king over king adult bunk Beds

King over King Bunk Bed

We Ship Nationwide

We ship our premium adult bunk beds to high end homes all across the country. From vacation homes to ski condos and hotels to hunting lodges, our bunk beds have proven popular with clients who prefer the higher quality, elegant form and sophisticated accessories that we have to offer with our premium bunk beds.

adult twin XL over queen bunk Bed

Twin XL over Queen Bunk Bed

High End Commercial Bunk Beds

Our premium adult bunk beds can be found in select Hilton hotels such as Homewood Suites in Moab, Utah; Hampton Inn and Suites in St. Paul, Minnesota; Hampton Inn and Suites in Columbus, Ohio and Hampton Inn and Suites in Austin, Texas, and Hampton Inn and Suites in Southaven, Mississippi, with more hotel properties in the works.

Along with select Hilton hotels, our high end bunk beds are also featured in high end properties, such as The Madeline Hotel in Telluride, Colorado, and high end vacation homes, ski condos, vacation rentals and hunting lodges throughout the country.

high end queen over queen bunk beds

Queen Over Queen Bunk Bed

Adult Bunk Beds For Income Properties

Do you have a high end vacation home or income property? It's well known in the industry that the nicest properties rent first, and the properties that offer the best amenities are the ones the agents show the most. With high end adult bunk beds gaining in popularity with families renting vacation homes, our bunk beds have become the preferred solution for those wanting a higher end experience for their guests, and a greater return on their investment.

adult twin xl over twin xl bunk bed

Twin XL over Twin XL With Twin Trundle

Every bunk bed that we produce is set up in our shop and inspected for fit and finish prior to being labeled and prepared for shipping. We would be happy to visit with you and discuss your high end adult and adult bunk bed needs, and provide you with references for those that we have delivered our bunk beds to in high end homes all across the country.

Proudly Made in The USA

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